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Radha Soami Quotes Radha Soami Sant Mat Quotes, Radha Soami Thoughts, Radha Soami Satsang Beas Quotes Images Wallpapers PicturesThe Lord in Shabad form is always with you and is never far. Have patience, and you will get a glimpse of True Light. (Swami Ji Maharaj)

“If my Beloved wishes, He can call me near Him in a moment. By means of Shabd, He can instantly elevate me.” (Swami Ji Maharaj)

“To know the sweetness of the Infinite within us, that is the cause, the reason, the purpose, the only purpose of our being.” (Nicholas of Cusa)

Look for and search for God within yourself, within your own body. God resides inside – look for him there.” (Maharishi Mehi)

“The Supreme Father is a vast homogeneous Ocean of Pure Spirit. He is perfect, sufficient in Himself to Himself, in an ecstatic state of love and bliss. Before creation He alone was conscious. There was none but He to see and none but Him to be seen. There was only the Lord immersed in His own rapturous bliss. That Limitless Reservoir of Love which alone was in existence, with none to adore or exchange love with Him was an Ocean of Absolute Bliss (ananda). His primary characteristic is love. …. He is nothing but a Vast Reservoir of Love and Bliss.” (Myron Phelps, “Phelps Notes”)

“Within the innermost recesses, all spirituality is one and it has never undergone any division. Our spirituality or soul (Surat) is an emanation from the Supreme Being. Within the innermost recesses it is one with the Lord.” (Discourses of Babuji Maharaj, Volume Three)

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